Bootstrap 4 Projects

I’ve done some Bootstrap projects in the past but I felt like I needed a refresher, so I’ve been working through a Brad Traversy class on Bootstrap 4 and posting the finished projects on my github.

LoopLab – The first one was a one-page, responsive site that utilized a sticky navigation bar, a fixed background in the top section for a parallax-type effect, various types of buttons, and a form.  All pretty standard fare but good to freshen up the skills.  Version 4 of Bootstrap does include FlexBox so it was good to see how it is used within this site.

Glozzom – The next one was a multi-page project.  It made use of a carousel in the top section, Cards, another carousel with quotes, an embedded video in a modal window, and some more fixed background parallax effects.  It also uses the accordion feature in a FAQ section as well as some more practice working with forms.  I almost forgot it has a image gallery feature where you enlarge the images into modals.

Mizuxe – Another one pager, this one was mostly more of the same.  Responsive, more forms practice, an accordion to show/hide bios, and smooth scrolling to different parts of the page.


REST API in Node/Express – live coding

The latest thing I’ve been live coding is a REST API in Node/Express.

Admittedly, the videos are kind of slow paced because, to be honest, I’m figuring it out as I go!  My goal with this series is to re-record it into more of a formal tutorial on building a REST API.   So, stay tuned for that.  What should I live code next?  React, ES6, something else?  I’d love to hear from you.