I will be adding more links to other projects shortly.  Stay tuned!

A startup style home page with css animations and flexbox for layout.

github repository

React app where the user can input a date that will be counted down to.

github repository

Here is a video of me walking through and explaining the code

Node/Express app that uses the Instagram API.

Node/Express/MongoDB project with CRUD operations. Uses Passport for authentication.  Users can log in, create campgrounds, and comment on them.  Project is from the Colt Steele Web Development course.

github repository

WordPress site to promote my web development business.

Pixel art grid size and color picker app. 

github repository

This is the tutorial from the Gatsby.js website

github repository

Random quote generator for Free Code Camp.  Allows option for tweeting the generated quote.

github repository

A partial list of web development tutorials and courses that I've completed.